About Us

About South West Construction

Belize Construction Company

South West Construction is a Belize construction company with experience in the building of roads, marinas, bridges, and other infrastructure-related projects used by thousands of people. Our services include excavation, land clearing and development, road construction, seawalls and pilings, construction, and reclaiming coastal land. We also specialize in transporting heavy equipment and hazardous materials. If you need it moved, dug, or built in Belize, contact South West Construction.


We have a full line of equipment allowing us to take on any project from household soakaways to large construction sites – No Job is too small or too big!


South West Construction has a staff of 60 trained machine operators and mechanics. Every employee is involved in several aspect of the business, so we are always prepared to take on any project.


Our Values

South West Construction believes that the basis for a healthy working relationship is transparency, safety, and a commitment to finish what is started. We recognize our primary asset is satisfied customers so we work with our clients closely, giving daily updates and readouts on the progress of each job.


We have an onsite foreman who ensures the safety of the site and we push long and hard to ensure the completion of each job, even if it means going over the agreed time. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business.


South West Construction has developed a reputation for getting the job done right and on time – the first time!



Peter Dueck is the Founder, Owner and Manager of South West Construction. He’s been operating & maintaining (repair, mechanical work) for decades. Peter likes to say that trucking is not just a job, it’s part of his DNA. When he was a young student the teacher asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” he went back and forth in his mind whether a truck driver or a heavy equipment operator…He has done both.


South West Construction finds it humble beginnings in 1993, when Peter Dueck bought shares in his uncle’s trucking business. He launched Western Bulldozer Services with one Bulldozer truck. He worked as a foreman for road construction and maintenance of Spanish Lookout roads for 6 years.